Project Description

Community Center and Kindergarten Complex

“The Eastern Youth Building” on Dov Hoz Street in Tel Aviv is a 120-year-old building that once served as a boarding school and trade school for girls, was abandoned for 10 years and was [recently] declared as a building designated for preservation.

Renovations began in 2014. In the framework of the renovations, building utilities were replaced, structural reinforcing was introduced into the frame and the building was made accessible for the handicapped. Renovations were also made to the building interior, its façades and courtyard.

Following thorough renovation, the building was opened for use by several kindergartens on September 1, 2015 and will also serve a “public home” for neighborhood residents with activities, classes and public spaces: the “living room”, the “workroom”, spaces for artists and craftspeople and a space for young parents.

Area Client Year of occupancy Location
3,000 m² Ezra & Bitzaron 2015 Tel Aviv