Teva/SLE New Logistic Center


Teva/SLE New Logistic Center, Shoham Industrial Park The largest logistical center in the Middle East. Automatic logistical center with sampling rooms and Teva Israel's offices. Electromechanical and automation systems-rich project. Designed and built within a period of 3 years. Area Client Year of occupancy Location 55,000 m² Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd./SLE 2011 [...]

Osem Logistics Center


Osem Logistics Center, Shoham Industrial Park Automatic logistics center and cold storage. Automatic logistics center with self-propelled vehicles (AGV). Area Client Year of occupancy Location 35,000 m² Nestlé/Osem 2007 Shoham Industrial Park

Shufersal Logistics Center


Shufersal Logistics Center, Shoham Industrial Park Logistics and distribution center Shufersal's new logistics center located at the Shoham Industrial Park is an automated, innovative climate-controlled facility (15°, 40°, -18°) The site also has a dedicated area for office space. Construction of the building combined innovative building methods with complex sophisticated electromechanical systems. [...]

S. Schestowitz


S. Schestowitz Logistical Center and Offices Caesarea Industrial Park Logistical center with an automated warehouse using a unique multi-shuttle technology not yet existing in Israel designed for the storage of approximately 22,500 pallets, some which are air-conditioned. An especially high standard office building is included in the project. Area Client Year [...]

Tnuva Food Industries Distribution Center


Tnuva Food Industries Distribution Center Tnuva's distribution center at Beer Tuvia is the location from which the company's products are collected and distributed throughout southern Israel. The entire building is one big refrigerator kept at 4°C with an automatic shelving system (operated by a large robot that receives the pallets and places them [...]

Yahav Hamias


Yahav Hamias, Shoham Logistics and Business Center This project is located next to the Clalit Health Services Logistical Center and the Shufersal Logistical Center. Construction began in 2015.  The site is being developed by Yahav Hamias for leasing at the building shell level of finish. Structural adaptations were made during construction for tenant [...]