Professionalism and Professional Service

We are strong believers in professionalism and in providing professional service. We believe in the importance of uncompromising attention to details, both great and small.

We focus on staying at the forefront of technological progress in our professional fields, making certain to continually advance technologically while preserving the know-how that we have already acquired and developing new capabilities on a regular and permanent basis.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive capabilities and experience in the construction management of complex projects and have developed a formal methodology and tools for the unique processes of project management, for controlling all of its phases and for monitoring performance. These capabilities allow the developer to benefit from quality construction management and maximum control over construction processes independent of the conduct of the main contractor, while [enjoying] substantial cost savings.

Project Management and Supervision – a Position of Trust

Massad Oz sees its primary role in projects as serving in a position of trust on behalf of the developer with an appreciation that the great privilege of managing the project for the developer imposes on it an even greater obligation toward the client.

Because of its assuming of a position of trust while acting in an outsourcing framework, an obligation of exceptional excellence and professionalism is imposed on Massad Oz, and as such its allegiance to the developer will always be greater than that of the developer itself.

In implementing various projects, Massad Oz operates as a primary arm of the developer and acts in a position of fundamental and basic trust. A developer that chooses us to manage its project and to oversee the quality of the work being performed by all of the various parties in the field can have a sense of security that its investment is being managed in a professional and top quality manner. The responsibility imposed on us and the trust that the developer and investors place in us constitute a guiding principle and guiding light for Massad Oz’s managers and employees.

All of us, the managers and employees of Massad Oz Management & Supervision, act from a great sense of obligation from the position of trust given us while fully adhering to values of morality, ethics, honesty, integrity, reliability and trustworthiness. We take care to meticulously represent the interests of the client and act fairly, honestly and in full transparency toward clients, suppliers, employees and all parties involved in projects under its management.

Efficiency and Cost Savings for the Client

Management of the developer’s resources during project execution imposes an obligation of uncompromising accuracy on us.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive skills and experience in managing design changes that lead to improvement, efficiency and extensive cost savings in projects and in their completion.  The experience and expertise that we have acquired are placed at the disposal of the developer and constitute an added value of no less importance.