About Massad-Oz Management & Supervision

Massad Oz was founded in 1996 as a project management engineering firm.

In the 20 years since then, Massad Oz has completed more than 400 projects for top companies in the Israeli economy, placing it as a leading engineering firm with unique operating characteristics based primarily on the quality of its human capital, a precise hierarchy of values, professionalism and uncompromising service.

Massad Oz’s managers and employees are committed to operating in accordance with its Code of Ethics.

The Company’s Vision

To be a leading organization with unique and top-quality capabilities in management, design, coordination and supervision of engineering projects and the ability to expand into relevant new fields in both existing and developing markets.

Four Core Values

  • Professionalism – to exhibit professionalism while aspiring to uncompromising excellence.
  • Resolve – to set objectives while decisively and actively taking steps to attain them.
  • Service – to provide optimal service to developers.
  • Human resources – to operate through the services of top-flight personnel.

Human Capital

Massad Oz’s most important and most essential asset is its human capital.  Massad Oz has developed a policy throughout the years of choosing top-flight personnel with high interpersonal and professional capabilities, initiative, vision, industriousness, resolve and, primarily, personal qualities that find expression in honesty, integrity, amicability and reliability. Massad Oz’s managers and employees ascribe decisive importance to these values on the way to the total success of the projects directed by Group companies.

The professional and personal composition of this precisely chosen and select group of people, for whom continuous development and study are a part of its character, supports [our ability to provide] superior professional management under unique and changing circumstances and provides us with an advantage in [providing] individualized management and problem-solving for complex engineering challenges that arise and develop during our work.


Massad Oz’s activities are based on a structured and developed methodology. Methods and procedures are prescribed at each level that are the result of many years of experience. The understanding that engineering and managerial activity requires perfect order, optimal organization, clear methods and thorough and well-established procedures has led to the continual development of an intra-organizational methodology that also supports the implementation of an extra-organizational methodology.

Massad Oz has developed a clear means of investigating performance and of drawing conclusions [from such studies] in order to continually improve all of its systems.


Massad Oz is dedicated to the idea of service as a supreme value. It is not satisfied merely with awareness of this idea, but rather also with its daily and practical application. The principal insight gained from this idea is that the great privilege to design and manage projects for companies and developers stems from the obligation to do so in a superior manner. The Group’s managers and employees meticulously apply a clear policy of listening to client needs at all levels, while providing timely responses and solutions under [conditions of] maximum availability.

Massad Oz’s owners and senior managers are directly involved in project management, closely directing and overseeing the various work procedures and processes.

Massad Oz’s project managers specialize in directing projects professionally, with comprehensive relevant technical know-how, determination and uncompromising resolve, making it possible to overcome numerous obstacles along the way to their completion as required.